Profile Summary

Career History

Project Name: TicTacToe

2014 (Dec) to 2015 (Apr)

Project Description: The aim of this project is to design a two player board game, TicTacToe. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line wins.

  • Developed the algorithm for the game.
  • Designed interactive user Interface in XML.
  • Developed java code to recognise the player’s turn and decide the winning criteria.
  • Developed test cases for fixing errors.
  • Published application in playstore.

Skill Utilised: Android, Java, XML

Company Name: Wipro Technologies, Chennai

2012 (Dec) to 2013 (Aug)

Designation: Project Engineer

Project Description: MyWipro App helps the employees to keep track of their attendance, leaves applied, leaves approvals, time of logging, access to eResources. Objective of the application implementation is to handle attendance tracking and pay out processing of the employees based on their attendance.

  • Designed and developed the android application based on the desired requirements.
  • Designed attractive interface using xml
  • Developed new features to the application using java
  • Exported data to SQL server to produce flat file source
  • Experience in handling software specifications document, prepared test cases and code review

Skills Utilised: Android, Java, XML, SQL, Git

Additional qualifications:

  • Java, C++, Java Script, XML, HTML,CSS, SQL
  • R Programming (open course ware -Coursera certified)
  • Data Scientist Toolbox (open course ware -Coursera certified)
  • Hadoop Fundamentals (BigdataUniversity certified)